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If you have reached the point in your relationship where you are not sure if you want to stay or leave, you have likely shared your feelings with friends and/or family members. These well-meaning loved ones may have even offered advice on how what they think you should do. But as a Wheaton, Maryland pre marriage counseling therapist can explain, it can be too easy to become so caught up in the advice that others offer us that we lose sight of what it is we truly want, especially if we are feeling especially vulnerable and upset about the direction our relationship has taken. 

A sibling telling you that you should leave and can stay with them or a close friend telling you that your partner is never going to change if they haven’t changed by now may push you into making a decision to end your relationship before you are really ready to do so.

Some people who are unhappy in their relationship have affairs and this too can end up giving you a skewed view of how you really feel about your partner. And it is not just sexual relationships that can cause you to have a clouded view of how you really feel about your spouse. As a Wheaton MD pre marriage counseling therapist knows, emotional attachments can also have a profound effect on couple who are planning on embarking on a life together.

If you are at these crossroads, it is important to decide for yourself, without any outside distractions, about whether or not you want your relationship to improve or if you are ready to walk away. And if this is where you are at, it is important to realize just how your feelings about your partner could be affecting your actions.

For example, when a person has made the decision to leave their partner, they may stay in the relationship as a way to justify their decision to leave. They may start arguments with their partner or provoke them into negative behaviors as a way to reassure themselves that they are right in deciding the relationship is not working and they should call off the wedding and leave.

When a person decides their relationship is over, it is very easy to interpret things that their partner says or does incorrectly and as more proof that it is over. This can cause the person to become more distant, more impatient, and less affectionate. Their partner will often pick up on these changes, triggering more arguments, and just perpetuates the cycle over and over again.

Where Are You?

For couples who have reached this point, it is not all hopeless. Pre marriage counseling in Wheaton MD can help discover ways to improve the relationship, through better communications and rediscovering the things that brought them together in the first place.

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