What are the signs that pre marriage counseling might be beneficial?

Pre Marriage Counseling Great FallsA therapist who offers pre marriage counseling Great Falls MD couples rely on knows that not every couple are destined for a happy marriage. In fact, many people who have gone through a divorce later say that if they had known better, they would not have gone through with the wedding. Although you may not have a crystal ball that can predict the future, there are signs that may indicate getting married is not the best choice. And pre marriage counseling Great Falls MD community members choose can help you make the right decision.

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we help couples – before and after they get married– work through the issues that are causing cracks in the foundation of their relationship. If you would like to find out how Great Falls MD pre marriage counseling may help your relationship, call today!

What About Opposites Attract?

Although the old saying of “opposites attract” is often bandied about, if the fundamental differences between a couple are too vast, it can wreak enough havoc on a relationship to cause irreparable damage. Differences in political and/or religious ideology, lifestyles, hobbies, and other interests can be begin to wear on a marriage, especially if the couple also has problems with communication. However, pre marriage counseling in Great Falls MD can help you remember why you fell in love with one another in the first place.

Remember Romeo and Juliet?

In the famous play, “Romeo and Juliet” the families of the couple were against their relationship. If most of your family and friends are not supportive of your choice for a spouse, there may be a reason for that. Sometimes, people have blinders on when it comes to seeing the negative sides of their significant others. Are there negative changes in your behavior? Do you feel safe being your true self when in the company of your partner? If not, pre marriage counseling Great Falls MD locals recommend can help you determine if marriage is right for your relationship.

Love or Possession?

When someone is in a new relationship, it’s not unusual for them to want to spend all their free time with their new partner. However, this may be unhealthy. It can be beneficial to also spend time with others and alone time with one’s self. If one partner becomes angry or jealous when the other makes plans without them, that can cause issues. Jealousy and distrust often lead to controlling and other abusive behaviors. These are also signs of possible anger management issues. It is also critical to remember that abuse is not limited to physical blows. Verbal and emotional abuse can be just as destructive. If your partner is critical and insulting of you, their behavior may not improve after getting married. Pre marriage counseling Great Falls MD residents turn to can help identify existing issues and provide tools that can help solve them.

Let a Couples Counselor Help You

If you are having issues in your relationship, a couples counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may be able to help you work through them. Call a counselor at (240) 752-7650 to find out how pre marriage counseling Great Falls MD offers from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help.