Parenting Therapy Chevy Chase, MD

Parenting is often the best and worst thing in a person’s life. It’s an exciting new challenge, but you and your children may not always agree with each other. In fact, it’s rare for children to continually agree with their parents as they grow and learn more about who they are as a person. 

Parents are responsible for meeting their children’s physical and emotional needs, teaching them life skills, socializing their children, and ensuring they know proper behaviors for different settings. That’s a lot of work. Not to mention, parents may have a hard time relating to their children as they age. 

But attending parenting therapy in Chevy Chase MD can really help you, if you’re struggling. 

What Is Parenting Therapy?

Parenting therapy is a special form of therapy that focuses on parents, helping them to face difficult moments in parenting and raising children. This type of therapy helps parents identify, address and manage their own past and present experiences so that they can ensure they are relating to their child in the best way possible, with none of their own experiences holding them back. 

Parenting therapy may help parents and children communicate better, help parents co-parent and communicate to one another better. Communication can help create a cohesive, structured family unit. 

Why Attend Parenting Therapy?

Parents may attend parenting therapy in Chase Chevy, MD because they want to figure out what parenting style best fits their family, or they believe there are issues between their co-parent. Perhaps a parent feels that there’s something going on with their child and they want to better understand how to deal with it. Whatever the reason, parenting therapy is available for various reasons.

Some of those reasons may include: 

  • Educating themselves on how to respond to their children.
  • Support for themselves during tough periods of parenting.
  • A safe place to process their emotions.
  • To be aware of community resources.
  • Strategies to better allow their family to function.

Parenting therapy can also be good for the children involved, as well. Usually this type of therapy starts with the parents and later includes the children if relevant. 

What Can A Child Gain From Parenting Therapy?

Children are just that, children. They’re growing, figuring themselves out, and that may not go over well with their family. But there are many things parenting therapy offers to the parents that are also helpful for their children.

Some of those things are:

  • Practicing emotion regulation.
  • Express and process their emotions.
  • Alternate way to communicate with their parents.
  • Support from parents and a counselor.
  • Education on verbalizing their thoughts and feelings.
  • Feeling more involved in how the family runs. 

Who Needs Parenting Therapy?

Parenting therapy can be for anyone, but there are select groups that may benefit more than others. 

  • Parents who were abused as children.
  • Parents who are having issues in their marriage.
  • Parents who are divorcing.
  • Parents who have health problems.
  • Parents who have substance abuse issues.
  • Parents who are coping with a loss.
  • Parents who are dealing with their children’s issues.                    

Whatever’s going on, therapist in Chevy Chase MD, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates is going to be there for you and your family. We offer a wide range of therapy in Chevy Chase MD.