Officiant Wedding Ceremony Great Falls MD Officiant Wedding Ceremony Great Falls MD

Officiant wedding ceremony planning in Great Falls, Maryland can already be stressful enough, without the added pressure of finding the perfect venue to match your theme. With so many decisions to make, it is easy to get swept away with anxiety. Below we have gone over some tips to help you not sweat the small stuff, and find pure enjoyment when planning for this special day.  

Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind

The days leading up to your Great Falls MD officiant wedding ceremony can be overwhelming, as last minute changes or decisions must be made. On the day of your wedding, small flaws may happen. Your bouquet may not have the liveliness you had imagined and perhaps your dress has a minor snag. When these little imperfections happen, remember the bigger picture. You are celebrating the love you and your significant other share together. At the end of the day, these minor road bumps will be quickly forgotten about. Try not to get caught up in these small details, so you are not distracted from the overall intention of the big day. 

Schedule Time for Relaxing

At some point during your planning, you may realize that all you ever think about is the officiant wedding ceremony. While this can be beneficial when weighing out the pros and cons of important decisions, eventually your mind will wear thin. Set aside time for you, and only you. Take a break from wedding planning to take care of yourself. Some things you can do to help relax can include the following:

  • Journaling (reflection)
  • Meditation
  • Light exercise (yoga, stretching, easy walk)
  • Spending time in nature
  • Getting a massage or facial (you may want to avoid getting a facial too close to the wedding date)
  • Enjoying a favorite meal (cooked at home or at a restaurant)
  • Making art (drawing, painting, knitting)
  • Reading a good book or magazine

Start Planning Sooner than Later

The sooner you start planning your Great Falls MD officiant wedding ceremony, the less stress you are likely to feel in the months leading up to the big day. Even if the wedding is a year or so away, you can start taking notes now about the kind of wedding you imagine, decor ideas, color scheme, ideal venue, etc. A wedding professional from the venue you have chosen can offer various spaces for your wedding celebration, that can also meet your financial needs. We understand budget may be a major factor, and will do what we can to find a space you like that does not break the bank. 

The Right Venue

The venue you should choose is the one that you enjoy spending time at, can fit all of your guests comfortably and can offer the setting you wish. Amidst the stress of planning, it can help to have a professional offer words of wisdom and advice. 

The Right Officiant

As you plan your officiant wedding ceremony Great Falls MD couples enjoy, don’t forget to book your officiant. Call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to find out how we can help you plan out the ceremony of your dreams.