Individual Therapy in Bethesda, MD

When faced with challenges or unexpected stressors, it can sometimes become pretty easy for us to feel stuck. Maybe we become caught up in something that is completely out of our control, like wishing we could change our families or boss. Perhaps we feel paralyzed to do anything when in fact there are a few simple steps we could take to feel much better. Regardless, we all face situations that we become so immersed in that it becomes difficult to make wise and effective choices.

When I am feeling stuck, confused, or stressed, and when I see my clients feeling this way, I like to keep in mind the dynamics of acceptance and change. Each of these exists on a continuum, and when thinking about a particular problem or stressor, it can be quite helpful to take a step back and think about that dynamic.

So, instead of being paralyzed, we can think: What steps can I take to change the situation? When we are making wise decisions, we can think in a solution-focused way. Maybe you can change the way you are thinking or communicating about the problem. Maybe you can make a choice to try something different.

In situations where we have little control or cannot create change, such as navigating an illness or a difficult co-worker things work a little differently. If I can’t make many changes, how can I accept the situation? Feeling powerless can be frustrating and stressful. However, thinking about effective coping and ways to accept the situation are simple ways to ease our suffering. How can you lean on your support system in a difficult time? What soothes you and makes you feel recharged? Incorporating practices like breathing and yoga can help us to create space in difficult times. Seeking therapy is a great opportunity to work on acceptance and gain additional coping skills in the face of a challenge.

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