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If you’re both married and have recently suffered a significant loss or been presented with a tough diagnosis, please connect with a marriage therapist Bethesda, MD residents trust. It is now a well-known reality that the stability of even the healthiest, most devoted marriages can be thrown into jeopardy in the wake of a significant loss, major life transition, financial crisis, and/or tough medical diagnosis. However, too many couples judge themselves for having a tough time in their relationships in the wake of such events. It isn’t always easy to remember, especially if your marriage has always been solid, that it is unquestionably normal to struggle in your intimate relationships when life deals your family particularly cruel blows. Granting your relationship a little grace and seeking the assistance of a therapist Bethesda, MD residents trust can help to ensure that your very understandable challenges don’t become impasses in your relationship or opportunities for your intimacy with your spouse to lessen over time.

Marriage Counseling in the Wake of a Loss or Tough Diagnosis

When you begin marriage counseling in the wake of a major loss, transition, or tough diagnosis, you may be unsure of what to expect from this process. The short answer, when it comes to expectations, is that your relationship’s unique needs and circumstances will guide the process. Counseling doesn’t exist to force any sort of agenda. On the contrary, therapists aim to help individuals and couples realize the healthiest versions of themselves. Whether through the exploration of coping strategies, identification of underlying tensions and triggers, utilization of conflict management tools, or a host of other approaches, counseling will simply allow you and your spouse to move forward in healthier, more self-aware ways.

You may have explicit questions that you need answered before committing to marriage therapy sessions. That’s okay. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and address your concerns to the best of our ability.

Experienced Counseling Services Are Available

When life gets particularly tough, it’s not always reasonable to expect your marriage to absorb the full impact of the challenges you’re facing without some professional assistance. Seeking guidance isn’t – at all – a sign that your marriage is weak. In fact, in many cases, seeking assistance can be a sincere sign of strength. Feeling secure enough in yourself that you don’t have to justify to anyone that you need a little guidance is a very healthy place from which to begin navigating life’s most challenging moments. You and your spouse don’t have to weather this time in your lives alone. Please consider allowing the experienced Maryland team at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to help your marriage progress in profoundly healthy ways during this challenging transition. Our Bethesda, MD marriage therapist team is always here to help.