Marriage Counseling Wheaton, MDMarriage Counseling Wheaton, MD

If your relationship is having problems, you may consider attending marriage counseling in Wheaton, MD from Lindsey Hoskins and Associates, as a way of strengthening it. Generally, marriage counseling is for both spouses in the relationship. However, what happens when your spouse doesn’t want to attend?

Find Out Why Your Spouse Is Apprehensive

If you’re going to address the reasons your partner doesn’t want to attend counseling, you have to know the reason. Some people don’t want to talk about their problems with a counselor, especially intimate ones. If your partner doesn’t think MD marriage counseling in Wheaton will help, you may find yourself feeling frustrated. In this case, we suggest contacting us for some advice. Sometimes, pride keeps a person from asking for help.

Encourage Your Spouse

Once you know the reason your spouse doesn’t want to attend, you can find ways to gentle coax them. Don’t give up. Validate your partner’s reason and empathize. Ask if you can hear more about their feelings and why they are against marriage counseling. You might try talking about counseling as “coaching” instead of therapy. Reframing the solution could make your partner less defensive. Assure your partner that you want to attend coaching to learn to be better partners and that you don’t want to blame anyone. You just want to learn to work together more effectively.

Other Options Beyond Therapy

If your spouse is apprehensive, talk about other options. A marriage workshop or weekend could help you take some positive steps in your relationship. You might look at self-help books. You could even ask if your spouse would just talk to the therapist alone before you make an appointment. Talking about your marriage goals and vision
could help bring you closer to opening the door to marriage counseling in Maryland from Lindsey Hoskins and Associates.

Should You Go Alone?

If you can’t convince your spouse to attend counseling, then you have to decide what is best for you. Marriage counseling in Wheaton, Maryland works most effectively when both people are working on the relationship. Still, one person can be a catalyst for change. If you attend counseling with a therapist who helps you make positive changes in the relationship, it can encourage your partner to reconnect with you.

If you’re feeling like your marriage is in trouble, it can intensify your need for counseling. If your spouse refuses to attend counseling, you can feel even more hurt. Approaching counseling in a positive way can lower your partner’s defenses which gets you closer to your goals. For now, receiving marriage counseling in Wheaton, MD from Lindsey Hoskins and Associates can help you until your spouse feels ready.