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Most Maryland couples know that expressing love helps you feel happy, reconnect, stay connected, get more love back, and boosts the value of your emotional bank account. We all need to do it more. Whether it’s expressing more appreciation for your spouse, saying “I love you more,” or being grateful for everything your partner does for you, if we think about it, we should speak it.

Maintaining relationships and working on issues in marriages is what marriage counseling in Wheaton MD is about. It may look like it, but it is not about fighting, blaming, and frustration. Even though it may seem to look that way from the outside, Wheaton MD marriage counseling works to resolve conflict and heartache. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates wants you to know that couples counseling is about love, appreciation, affection, finding meaning, and making dreams come true.

Indeed, people love feeling that they are appreciated. The ones that aren’t “touchy-feely” may not like hearing the actual words too often, though. If your partner is one of these, you probably already know it. Still, it is not so much about speaking the words as it is about communicating the feeling of it. You must adapt it to the way you know your spouse likes to receive appreciation and love.

Belonging Is Crucial to Humans

Being accepted and valued and belonging to a group is critically important to human beings. Culture sometimes downplays, denies, or criticizes this need. However, humans are social and thrive in groups. Unfortunately, the modern, digital, global society allows us to forget just how important it is to feel like you belong. For much of human history, not having group support or belonging to a group or meant certain death. We all know this instinctively, on some level. For this reason, solitary confinement is a punishment—humans don’t fare well alone. 

When we express love, acceptance, and appreciation to our spouses, we are giving them a foundation of belonging. We fill a fundamental need for them. And we all want to have our basic needs and our deepest longings met and soothed by our intimate partners.

If You Don’t Know What to Say

We grow used to our spouses over time and forget how much their good qualities meant to us when we first met. Maybe you think the “I love yous” you said during your early years together cover you for life. A Wheaton MD marriage counseling therapist knows that one of the biggest complaints couples have is that their partner takes for granted that they know their partner loves and appreciates them, or it starts to feel routine to say it over and over. 

It’s probably best not to overthink it. It doesn’t have to be some grandiose expression of appreciation. It can be as simple as sending a text during the day. Or, it could be a kiss when you arrive home. Or a “thank you” for remembering to put the toilet seat down. If you can’t come up with anything, consider the ways being with your spouse makes your life easier and happier. Or, think about how challenging your life would be without them in it. Then, express appreciation for those things. 

If you need support sharing your feelings, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help. It’s good to know that a little time and effort spent focusing on your relationship can help you form indelible bonds that help to maintain your partnership throughout the years. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with a marriage counseling therapist Wheaton couples recommend.