Could you and your partner benefit from Marriage Counseling in Bethesda MD?

Consider contacting us at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates if you’re seeking marriage counseling in Bethesda MD. Our trained clinicians can work with married couples together, or in separate sessions.
Marriage counseling in Bethesda MD can be beneficial no matter how new or established the relationship is between spouses. Some newly wedded couples like to establish healthy rules and decision making as early as possible after marriage.

What is marriage counseling?

Also known as couples therapy, marriage counseling is a type of psychotherapy. It can help couples make important decisions about the future of the marriage and define goals along the way. In Bethesda MD marriage counseling is recognized as a valuable method for resolving conflicts.

Who is qualified to provide marriage counseling?

Marriage counselors are licensed therapists who are trained to work with couples and counsel them on healthy relationships. At Lindsey Hopkins & Associates, we offer marriage counseling in Bethesda MD. All of our therapists have clinical degrees in Couple and Family Therapy. We are committed to helping married couples achieve their individual and relationship goals.

How long does marriage counseling last?

The duration of counseling and the number of sessions is determined by the individuals. Very often, marriage counseling is short term. Usually, it includes both spouses, but sometimes one or both opts to work alone with the therapist. This can be arranged according to what is desired by the couple.

Does it matter if the couple isn’t legally married?

Not at all. Our clinicians at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates work with couples who are common law married, engaged, considering marriage, heterosexual, and homosexual. Though all our clinicians are licensed Couple and Family Therapists, our experiences are widespread. Check our helpful comparison chart on the Choose The Right Therapist For You page of our website for more information about each of our clinicians and which one may be best for your needs. We offer any style of marriage counseling Bethesda MD couples need.

What types of problems can marriage counseling address?

Marriage counseling can focus on virtually any issue that you as individuals or as a married couple may face. Some of the most common reasons why married couples may consider counseling are to work on these issues:
  • Infidelity
  • Anger or anger management
  • Communication difficulties
  • Financial struggles
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Intimacy issues
  • Child rearing or family conflicts

How does marriage therapy work?

Very often, marriage therapy involves both partners in a shared therapy session. Before entering into marriage counseling in Bethesda MD, be clear on what you and your partner’s goals are for therapy. Working together with one of our clinicians, you and your spouse can learn the skills you need to maintain a healthy relationship. These skills may include:
  • Problem solving as a team
  • Communicating differences and disagreements in a non-threatening or defensive manner
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship to understand the underlying causes of conflict

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