When individuals are looking for couples counseling Silver Spring MD can offer, it’s not uncommon for their relationship problems to be connected to traumatic injuries. For couples who have maintained strong relationships over several years, it may be difficult to imagine that a single event has the power to negatively change a years-long relationship. However, at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, clients seeking couples counseling Silver Spring MD can trust have contacted our team of clinicians for this very reason.

Personal injuries can cause a great deal of stress for both spouses, even if only one spouse directly experienced the traumatic event. Although couples counseling offers no guarantees for repairing relationships, it has helped many couples reassess their goals and futures together.

The personal injury and car accident lawyers at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. provide that accidents causing both physical injuries and injury to your relationship may include: vehicular accidents; workplace injuries; slips, trips, and falls; premises liabilities (e.g., falling objects, unsecured structures); medical mistakes; injuries from defective products; etc. While their physical injury may be obvious, any one of those accidents can cause relationship strain through:

  • Feelings of Guilt, Worthlessness, or Shame 
    These negative feelings — which are often associated with depression and PTSD — may be directed inward, or they could manifest as resentment directed toward the spouse. When an accident results in disability, these feelings may become even more pronounced. Any experienced clinician of couples counseling Silver Spring MD can provide will know that these feelings are common after a personal injury, but at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we have the experience to help you and your partner through the difficult aftermath of an accident.
  • Financial Strain
    The medical costs of a severe injury, added to lost wages during recovery, may put a great deal of financial strain on a couple. As an experienced Silver Spring MD couples counseling clinician, we can attest that there are often bigger underlying problems when a couple frequently argues about money, especially when the financial effects of an accident become prevalent.
  • Addictive and Unhealthy Behaviors 
    Substance abuse problems may be more likely to appear after a traumatic event. Even when a spouse knows that this type of behavior is unhealthy, he or she may still find temporary emotional relief from a difficult situation. When one spouse engages in unhealthy behaviors — especially if there are children involved — the other spouse may feel as though he or she has an undue amount of responsibility.
  • Difficulty Communicating 
    If one spouse was injured in a traumatic accident but the other spouse was not, both spouses may suddenly find that it’s much harder to communicate. It may not be easy to understand the other person’s emotions, and complex feelings can easily be miscommunicated. One essential part of undergoing couples counseling in Silver Spring MD is to learn how to communicate effectively.

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If you or your spouse has gone through a traumatic event or accident, regardless of what happened and regardless of when it happened, you might find that your relationship needs rebuilding. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our team of clinicians is ready to help you and your spouse find peace and happiness again. For more information about our clinicians who offer couples counseling Silver Spring MD residents trust, contact our office today.

Thanks to our friends and contributors at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their additional insight into the effects a personal injury accident may have on a relationship.