Therapy is a unique process for each person and family, so there is no set length of time that works for everyone.

Those working on more severe issues (e.g., trauma, abuse, infidelity) may require more therapy. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions for three months to a year is considered average, but you may need more or less time depending on the specific issues you wish to address and the number of people involved.

Additionally, some clients find it helpful to continue therapy for less frequent “check-in” sessions after initial issues have been addressed, and this may continue for as long as it feels helpful and productive to you.

We understand that therapy is a significant investment of time and financial resources for our clients, and we don’t take this investment lightly. That’s why we are committed to helping our clients meet their goals — to guide them toward meaningful and lasting change — in the most efficient manner possible. The goal of therapy is to get to a level of understanding, connection, and functioning in which you don’t need therapy anymore. We don’t want clients for life — we want the best life for our clients. Nothing makes us happier than having a client tell us that therapy has worked for them and they don’t feel the need to keep coming to see us.