Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers family counseling Rockville MD often turns to when there is conflict or distress. Our staff of highly trained therapists can work with you and your family members to work out important issues. Whether or not your family members live together, it is common to experience conflict. Rockville family counseling can help resolve that conflict in an environment that is safe and positive.

What is family therapy?

This is a common question. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates provides family counseling in Rockville MD that aims to assist family members improve interactions with one another. There may be one or more specific issues that the family wishes to address, or there may be an overall need for working on loving and positive communication between members.

While it is ideal to have all of the affected family members present in the room, that is not always possible or practical. A therapist on our staff can use tools during family counseling Rockville MD family members can benefit from, regardless of their location.


Opportunities for Family Counseling

The idea of family can be defined in many ways. One’s family can comprise of a few members, or many. The topics dealt with in family counseling Rockville MD locals focus on can be related to addiction, emotional issues, day-to-day struggles, and so much more. Any issues that cause serious conflict among family members are all valid reasons to explore family counseling. Some of the most common reasons why families seek counseling from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates include the following:

  • An event or circumstance that impacts one or more family members. Counseling can offer support for the member who is primarily affected, or address all who are equally impacted when it’s a broader issue. Examples of the latter include a major job change or move. Substance abuse or domestic violence can also trigger the need for family counseling.
  • The death of a family member.
  • A family member is struggling with an addiction or mental illness.
  • Divorce.
  • Child and parent conflicts.


The Benefits of Family Counseling

There are many potential benefits from engaging in family counseling Rockville MD residents enroll in at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. After your initial consultation with one of our trained staff members, your family’s goals for counseling can be clarified. Many families have benefited from counseling in these ways:

  • Enhance existing positive relationships and encourage healthy dynamics.
  • Learn ways to identify and support healthy boundaries.
  • Understand family patterns of behavior, group and interpersonal dynamics, and existing communication styles.
  • Develop tools for effective and peaceful communication among family members.
  • Improve problem solving techniques.
  • Promote understanding and empathy among family members.
  • Minimize conflict among family members.


Effective Family Counseling

If you and your family are interested in exploring the benefits of family counseling, call us to speak with a trained staff member. We can provide short or long term sessions depending on your family’s needs. Contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates at (240) 752-7650 to learn more about how family counseling Rockville MD community members choose can benefit your family.

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