Family Counseling, Bethesda, MD

Family Counseling Bethesda MD

Our families play an important part in our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Each family is different and each family has their own problems and their own way of communicating, or not, with one another. Although how someone defines their family varies greatly from person to person, everyone is brought up in a type of family unit. In these units, if someone is having a great day or a terrible day, everyone else is affected. If someone in the family is dealing with a problem like addition, everyone else suffers too. For these reasons, family counseling can be very beneficial, which is why for family counseling, Bethesda, Maryland trusts Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.

In addition to using family counseling, in Bethesda, MD, it is common for many family counselors to also treat the individual’s problem which is affecting the whole family. These would commonly include divorce, addition, or behavioral problems. In terms of family counseling, the unit is considered the family and the person who is having a problem is part of the sub-system.

In all systems, everything is connected. Instead of addressing problems based on an individual basis, family counseling sees that the problems don’t just affect one person but the whole family. The main goal of family counseling in Bethesda, MD is to meet the needs of everyone in the family. The main solution everyone is working towards is for the family to work better because when the family works better together, everyone in the family does better individually.

Family counseling is helpful for:

  • Preparing for divorce
  • Preparing for a remarriage to take place
  • Dealing with death
  • Dealing with another member of the family’s behavioral or mental issues

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, family counseling in Bethesda, we believe there are many benefits of coming together as a whole family to go to family counseling. Some of these benefits include:

  • Each member of the family can learn their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Everyone in the family can learn how to communicate their feelings better.
  • The family can learn to solve their issues.
  • Siblings can learn to resolve issues.
  • Parents and children can learn to communicate better.
  • Everyone in the family can get a clearer perspective on how the family functions and what everyone’s role is.
  • The family is able to talk about their feelings about issues that the family has been going through and find solutions.

Throughout children’s lives, family is extremely important. Many reasons that children or teenagers act out or start experimenting relate to something occurring within their family. This is why family counseling can be extremely beneficial. While negative behaviors can affect the family, the same can happen when someone makes a big change in a positive way. If an addict has gotten clean and is trying to stay clean, the parents may focus on that person in the family and the rest of the family may get neglected or are expected to just forgive and forget any damage that has been caused by the other family. Family counseling allows for everyone in the family to heal.

If your family is dealing with issues, it is important to speak to someone. Families are not perfect and you are not alone in your struggles. By using family counseling, Bethesda, MD therapists believe it can only make your family stronger. Contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today to learn how we can help.

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Are you wondering if it’s too late to save your marriage? Should you consider family counseling in Bethesda, Maryland? Or, should you remain in the marriage or get divorced?

At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we understand that the people who are asking these questions are typically hurting and trying to cope with their dilemma. So, to answer these questions, two essential components should be addressed.

Degree of Motivation

Have either you or your partner given up and thrown in the towel? Perhaps there is a determination to turn the unhealthy marriage around. Or, undertaking family counseling in Bethesda MD is merely a way of reinforcing and validating the need for divorce. Most likely, a couples’ motivation and intention for their marriage lies somewhere in between.


Most couples endure more than a handful of years of misery before seeking the appropriate help. Sometimes they have dug themselves into a deep rut of resentment and apathy. It’s essential for couples to enter Bethesda MD family counseling before they’ve driven the marriage until the wheels fall off.  

If spouses in Bethesda MD undertake family counseling when problems start to arise, they have a better chance of regaining what was lost. If they pursue family counseling at the first sign of trouble, they’ll likely have a better chance of maintaining the partnership.

Is It Ever Too Late to Save a Marriage?

Rather than ask from this perspective, it might be better to ask: Is it ever too late to try something different?

Unfortunately, sometimes the individual issues have become multi-headed monsters and contention over them has crescendoed to a long-standing feud and deadlock. A sound first step in resolving the gridlock is to help each partner see how their actions trigger and escalate one another.

Couples may need help identifying and clarifying what needs, dreams, and goals underlie their impassable issue. In Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, we can help couples accept responsibility for their own behavior.

Then, couples can make strides toward saving their marriage by embracing ownership of their “stuff” and by ditching their resentments and expectations. They can take a huge step toward healing their relationship by accepting that each one has part of the blame.

The Inevitability of Conflict

One of the most common disagreements couples have is fighting about money. Typically, there’s only so much to go around and each partner has different opinions on spending priorities. In this situation, a couple may need to explain to each other what their priorities are and what they mean to them.

Couples may need a structure and some improved communication skills to have a conversation that works to resolve a tough issue. Each of them may need to learn to speak so that they can be fully heard and understood. With effort, couples can begin to accept that they are two separate people who don’t have to see everything the same way.

Conflict is an inescapable part of marriage. And one of the secrets of a healthy marriage is partners learning to choose their battles wisely, focusing on the critical issues instead of the small or trivial ones.

If you think your marriage may need some fine tuning, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates wants to help. Call us to find out more about family counseling Bethesda MD clients recommend and how it may be able to help you and your spouse.