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Family Counseling Bethesda MD- young couple laying with young babyAsk anyone who has ever parented a teenager and they will likely agree that the teenage years are often difficult ones. In Maryland, just like the rest of the country, there are many serious issues that teens are forced to deal with that their elders would never have dreamed of. It is not uncommon for teens to become overwhelmed, and this can even have a significant impact on their relationship with their parents. In these situations, family counseling in Bethesda MD can help rebuild these relationships, while helping the teen learn how to cope with these stressors.

What are some of the most frequent issues that a family may find counseling can help with?

Although there are a wide array of problems that family counseling for teens can help with, some of the most common include:

  •       Anxiety
  •       Depression
  •       Stress
  •       Substance abuse issues
  •       Behavioral problems in school and/or at home
  •       Anger
  •       Problems with family, friends, and other relationships
  •       Mental health issues
  •       Traumatic events

Are there warning signs that parents should be aware of?

Even the most well-adjusted and happy teen will have their mood swings. It is not uncommon for a parent to think that their teen is just dealing with the usual “angst” that all teenagers have. But there are certain signs that could be indicators that family counseling in Bethesda MD may be needed.

While many teens go through stages where they may change their hairstyle, clothing, taste in music, etc., drastic changes could be a red flag for parents. One of the first things that parents may notice is a change in school grades and/or behavior. They may no longer participate in the extra-curricular activities they used to enjoy. A sudden change in friends – including the types of friends – they now have is also another sign something could be wrong. Conversely, not having any friends or participating in social activities could indicate the teen is struggling emotionally.

Other issues that indicate a serious problem with the teen and that parents should reach out to a family counselor for help are:

  •       Alcohol or drug use
  •       Anger issues
  •       Criminal activities
  •       Cutting or other self-harm behaviors
  •       Eating disorder
  •       Running away from home
  •       Sexual activity

These issues not only present a high risk of harm for the teen, but also could have long-term ramifications on the teen’s future.

If my teen is struggling with these issues, does this mean I have been a bad parent?

It is crucial that parents not blame themselves or feel any guilt if their teen is having a hard time. There are many factors involved as to why some teenagers have a hard time and others do not. The important thing is that as a parent you recognize your teen needs help, and you take the appropriate steps to get them and your family the help needed to heal.

The first step is to call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates and schedule an appointment for family counseling in Bethesda MD.

When to Try Family Counseling

It is important to understand that seeking family counseling Bethesda, MD families trust does not mean that you have failed as a parent in any way, it just means that you want to improve the relationships in your family and are willing to try new things and get outside help to do so. At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates we understand that this is probably a difficult time for you and your family, and we want to help you improve your relationships and become stronger as a family unit. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss counseling options, strategies, goals, and more. We want you to feel comfortable with us from the beginning and are happy to answer any questions you have and discuss any potential concerns.

  • Issues Communicating Effectively Between Family Members
    Communication is not easy for many people and can be a strain on relationships. With family members it is beneficial to learn how to communicate effectively so that everyone feels heard and understood. Having good communication within the family can help everyone feel more valued, loved, and appreciated. It may take some work to learn good communication skills, but it is worth the effort to make a better and happier home-life for all the members of the family.
  • Rebellious or Difficult Teenager
    For many teenagers things can be confusing and strange as they start the process of becoming adults and have to navigate the in-between phase of childhood to adulthood. During that period, it may be beneficial for the family-life of all of the members of the family if counseling is used as a tool to navigate these uncertain and sometimes confusing times. It is not easy for parents during the teen years of their children as they also have to figure out how to lead a child into adulthood. Counseling can help make things clearer for everyone involved.
  • Traumatic Events
    When a family member, or perhaps the whole family, experiences a traumatic event, such as a car accident, death of a family member, etc., it may put a strain on the family dynamic and relationships. This is a special kind of family counseling to help you all work through these traumas as a strong family unit.
  • Divorce or Separated Parents
    If you and your spouse or partner are considering separating or divorcing, or perhaps have already started the process of separating, it may be beneficial to work with a Bethesda family counselor to help keep all the family relationships intact and open even if the dynamic is changing by the parents separating. Family counseling may be a useful tool to work through this change together and help the children to still feel secure, confident, loved, and happy.

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Signs You Should Try Family Counseling 

Meeting with a Bethesda, MD family counseling therapist may seem like a situation does not inspire enthusiasm, but it can make a significant difference in the dynamics of your family. Whether you are newly married, are struggling with parenting issues, or have been in a relationship for many years, a family therapist can offer a variety of services and resources to help you achieve individual growth as well as improve your relationship with your family. Dealing with tension affecting your family can be incredibly challenging, especially if your issues have been going on for a long time. If you are not sure whether you can benefit from counseling, consider the following signs and scenarios.

You are arguing over small things

It is normal to have arguments every once in a while, but if you are noticing that your arguments are based on petty topics or issues, then discussing your situation with a family therapist may be helpful. It can shed light on the root cause of your problems. In many cases, arguments that are driven by miniscule issues can be traced to deep-seated issues. For example, constantly bickering over your partner not taking out the trash can be tied to lack of communication. Speaking to a therapist can help you learn about better ways to be effective communicators and de-escalate arguments.

Your conflicts are impacting your children’s mental health

As a seasoned counseling professional knows, some of the warning signs that children often exhibit include depression, anxiety, isolation, and lack of communication. The child may suddenly exhibit behavioral issues that they previously did not. If you believe that your arguments at home are affecting your child or children, it may be time to consider talking to a family therapist as a family so that you can explore solutions and strategies. Understanding ways that you can resolve conflicts and be better communicators can help you build and improve your relationships.

You have cannot resolve disputes 

Many couples fight and despite their best efforts, they are not able to reach a compromise or a conclusion that they can settle on. Sometimes this can get in the way of their relationship. When arguments keep happening and they aren’t fully resolved, then it can prevent people in a relationship from growing. Discussing your issues with a therapist can enable you to find new ways to get to the heart of your

You want to improve your communication 

Some couples may see a family therapist for counseling even if their relationship does not involve a lot of conflict. It can be beneficial to see a family therapist if you and your partner are interested in learning how to use strategies to make your communication more productive. This is also beneficial for families with children. You can gain valuable education from a family therapist about the many ways that communication within your family can be built on and improved so that you can be more honest and vulnerable around each other.

If you would like to explore the benefits of family counseling, schedule an appointment with a reputable therapist Bethesda family counseling therapist today.