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Couples Therapy Great Falls MDAttending couples therapy in Great Falls, MD is essential for many couples. Relationships take work, sometimes hard work. They need attention and care in order to keep healthy. When a problem arises that is not addressed, it can end up having a bigger negative impact on the relationship in the future. And while couples are able to address these issues, many find it helpful to seek the assistance of Lindsey Hoskins & Associates for couples therapy in Great Falls, Maryland to navigate through these bumps on the road.

Unfortunately, when couples do need help working through issues, they often let so much time go by before addressing the issue that significant damage is done to the relationship. In fact, studies show that the average couple will deal with an unhappy relationship for six years before seeking couples therapy in Great Falls, MD. In that time, negative patterns and habits develop between the couple which only serves to raise their resentment with each other and weaken the relationship.

And just like many things, the longer you wait to address a problem, the more challenging it can be to resolve it. However, even though it may take longer, Great Falls, MD couples therapy can be an effective way to help a relationship heal no matter how long the couple has been unhappy.

What Is Couples Therapy?

There are some misconceptions about what couples counseling is and what it can and cannot do. Some people think couples therapy with our Great Falls, MD clinicians is for those who have had serious, long-term issues in their relationship, such as addiction or infidelity. Many couples think that it is just for those who are facing the end of the relationship and is a last-ditch effort to save the marriage before throwing in the towel.

The truth is that couples therapy in Great Falls, MD can help with a variety of issues. Although it can help with those serious issues, it can also be useful as a “tune-up” for the relationship.

During therapy, a couple will meet with a qualified clinical therapist who will help them resolve conflict, gain insight into the dynamics of the relationship, and help them improve overall satisfaction in the relationship. The therapist will do this by helping the couple to focus on the issue (or issues) in the relationship and help them identify the relationship dynamics at work on how each one of the approaches these issues. During couples therapy in Great Falls, MD, the couple will learn what their own roles are when it comes to where the relationship dysfunctions are, not just their partner’s.

Once these behaviors have been identified, the couple will learn how to change those behaviors and how to interact with their partner in a healthy way to address and solve conflicts.

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