Couples Therapist in Bethesda, MD

Couples Therapist in Bethesda, MDAfter many fights and growing resentments, a couple may finally agree that it’s time to speak with a couples therapist in Bethesda, MD. Unfortunately, a common issue that prevents some couples from getting the help they need is false beliefs one or both partners have about what therapy will entail. One partner may worry that the therapy session will turn into a blame game which they are the target of. Or, they may worry that talking about these issues is just going to make matters worse. In truth, the intention of therapy is to work through these dark clouds so that couples can reach a place that is much happier and healthier. 

Q: Will attending therapy ensure that the relationship gets fixed?

A: Working with a couples therapist in Bethesda, MD does not always mean that the relationship can be mended. For some couples, the journey is shorter as they were meant to learn from the other and then move forward having bettered themselves in the process. But for others, attending therapy is part of what saves a wonderful relationship that was on the brink of breaking apart. 

Relationships take work and effort, and eventually a couple may reach a point where things have grown stagnant or a disagreement is unable to resolve on its own. Couples therapy can help couples fix some deeply rooted challenges.

Q: Is couples counseling only for married couples heading toward divorce?

A: A common false belief about couples counseling is that it is only for married couples who are considering getting a divorce. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as couples who aren’t married can benefit from working with a couples therapist in Bethesda, MD too. Some couples are in the relationship for the long-term but never marry, so being legally married isn’t a necessary requirement for attending counseling. 

Q: Are there any benefits if the couple knows the relationship is already over?

A: If a relationship is heading towards the end and both partners may reasonably agree it is the right thing to do, attending a therapy session can still have its benefits. Breakups can cause anger, contention, and resentments that could be carried to the next relationship if both parties aren’t aware that this is brewing within themselves. A couples therapist in Bethesda, MD can help the couple heal and move forward in a more healthy way, whether they choose to remain together or part ways. 

Q: Will we have to attend couples counseling for a long time?

A: Couples who are considering going to therapy may feel overwhelmed at the idea that this may be a prolonged process. Depending on the depth of the pain or issues that have built up between the couple, more or fewer sessions may be needed than first anticipated. It doesn’t necessarily take years to resolve issues between a couple, however, those who attend regularly, even as check-ins once in a while, can benefit from having a support space for open communication. If you are thinking about taking advantage of the potential benefits of couples therapy, the team at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help.