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Common Issues Discussed in Couples Counseling couples counseling Rockville MD

While being in a romantic relationship with someone can provide a lot of joy, it isn’t sunshine and roses all the time. Even the most seemingly happy couples may struggle with issues in their relationship at times. However, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to call it quits on your relationship. If you and your partner truly love each other and want to be together, you may be able to sort through your problems in couples counseling in the Rockville, MD area. A licensed counselor from Lindsey Hoskins & Associates can help you discover the root causes of your issues and teach you ways to improve your relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common issues discussed in couples counseling in the Rockville, MD area:

Making a Big Deal About the Small Stuff

While there are certainly big issues, like finances, that couples should make a big deal out of, there are other issue that couples shouldn’t focus on so intently. Sweating the small stuff can just put unnecessary stress in the relationship. For example, if your partner didn’t do his or her chores one day, don’t make such a big issue out of it. Instead, calmly ask your partner why he or she didn’t do his or her share of the housework. Becoming angry and yelling at your significant other about it doesn’t do any good.

Not Showing Any Empathy

When you are in a loving relationship with someone, it’s important to try to understand that person’s point of view from his or her own life experience. It’s called empathy. If you fail to be empathetic toward your partner’s feelings because you can’t understand what he or she is going through, your partner may feel as though you don’t care. Rockville, MD couples counseling can be extremely beneficial to work through these issues and help rebuild a strong relationship for you and your partner.

Change in Priorities

At the beginning of a relationship, a couple may have very similar priorities. However, as the relationship goes on, people can change and shift their priorities. For example, both partners may say they want to have kids in the beginning of the relationship. One partner continues to have the desire to have children while the other one doesn’t want them anymore. A shift in priorities can put a lot of stress in a relationship and need to be discussed thoroughly in couples counseling in the Rockville, Maryland area.

Inability to Forgive

In a relationship, both partners are bound to do things that upset one another from time to time. No matter how small or big the offenses are, it’s important to forgive one another if you want to remain in a happy relationship. If you or your partner continue to resent each other for things you’ve done in the past, your relationship can’t move forward. Learning how to forgive can be very freeing and improve the health of your relationship.

If you and your significant other are experiencing issues in your relationship, you should consider going to couples counseling in the Rockville, MD area. Lindsey Hoskins & Associates will talk to you and your partner about your dilemmas in a calm and nonjudgmental setting and offer sound advice.