Couples Counseling Great Falls MD

couples counseling Great Falls MD


Are you and your spouse or partner have a conflict of interest and considering couples counseling in Great Falls MD? Perhaps you are struggling to communicate with one another or don’t understand each other’s point of view. You may be considering a separation or divorce. On the other hand, you may be preparing to have a child and would like to discuss parenting expectations with one another. In any case, Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may be able to help you and your partner to work through different issues or problems so that practical solutions are found. 

If you are interested in couples counseling located in Great Falls MD, contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates about scheduling an appointment. We are happy to speak with you regarding the benefits associated with couples counseling. You will have the opportunity to ask questions so that you may determine whether our services are the right fit for you.

Why You Might Want to Consider Couples Counseling 

Couples counseling sessions offer an outlet to couples who are looking for support, advice, and guidance. The issues brought to the sessions may not be “bad”, but rather something that feels like an obstacle to a healthy, satisfying relationship. Couples counseling from our Great Falls MD counselors can offer men and women with help when they are struggling with a broad range of situations, including.


Discovering that your spouse or partner is having an affair might be one of the most difficult situations you’ve experienced during your time together. You might feel extremely betrayed and are wondering what you should do at this point. Couples counseling in Great Falls MD from a counselor you trust can help you to identify your emotions and cope with them. You may begin to understand why the affair happened and make decisions about whether or not you want to continue with the relationship. 

Financial Difficulties

Many relationships struggle because of financial problems; however, what a lot of couples don’t realize is that if they can resolve these issues, things can get better. A couples counseling our Great Falls MD patients rely on can help both of you to find a solution to the financial distress. As a result, you may experience a decrease in stress, and improve your happiness.

Mental Health Issues

If one of both of you struggles with anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or other mental health issues, the relationship will almost certainly be impacted. Great Falls MD couples counseling provides a counselor who can assist you in uncovering healthy ways to accept and cope with these issues. A strategy may also be developed so that these issues are also addressed. For example, in the case of depression, individual counseling may be recommended. 

Family Planning

Whether you are planning to have a child and would like to discuss one another’s expectations for raising the child, or you are struggling to conceive, a couples counselor can help both of you to talk about these things in a comfortable environment. 

Would You Like to Know More About Couples Counseling Offered in Great Falls MD?

Whether you are interested in Great Falls MD couples counseling sessions, or individual counseling, contact our skilled and experienced providers at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to schedule your appointment.