Couples Counseling Bethesda MD Couples Counseling Bethesda MD

It often feels like a big step when a Maryland couple makes the decision to go to couples counseling Bethesda, MD families recommend. Part of this decision often means that you and your partner have admitted that there are real issues in your relationship, and that can be kind of a scary thing.

The thought of couples counseling can also feel intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the way therapy works. There is also the effort that is often necessary before your first appointment – finding a counselor you are comfortable with, checking into what type of insurance coverage you have for the counseling, and finding appointment times that are convenient and workable for you, your partner, and the therapist. It is all these factors that can sometimes result in couples delaying initiating the therapy, to begin with.

Signs You May Need Couples Counseling in Bethesda, MD

While every relationship has their occasional rough patches, there are signs that the issues you and your partner are having go deeper and could result in irreparable damage without some kind of intervention:

  •       Something just doesn’t feel right, and you can’t put your finger on why. One of the most common reasons why couples come to our practice is that they know something is off in their relationship, but they aren’t sure just what it is. Couples counseling not only help couples work through issues, but it can also help a couple identify what those issues are. If you are often feeling resentful of your partner without knowing why or not as comfortable with them, these are early signs of a possible dysfunctional pattern developing.
  •       You find you and your partner are arguing more often. Arguing more often – whether those arguments are small or big blowouts – is also an indicator that issues are not being resolved in a healthy manner.
  •       There is a lack of communication between you and your partner. Maybe you or your partner feels ignored or misunderstood by the other. Another sign of poor communication is the feeling that your partner is like a stranger instead of the best friend he or she used to feel like. Counseling can help the two of you learn the best ways to hear and understand what each other are saying.
  •       There is no trust. If some event has occurred in your relationship that has broken the trust between the two of you, couples counseling can help the relationship heal and trust to be rebuilt. Keep in mind that is not just a sexual affair that can break trust, but emotional attachments to other people and financial deceptions can also cause a break in trust.

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When you and your spouse are discussing divorce, you should seek couples counseling from the trusted Bethesda MD counselors at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. We help our clients, whether it is to help them work through their problems and for a better, stronger marriage, or help them come to an agreement regarding their divorce so they can separate in an amicable way. Whatever decision you and your spouse come up with, we are committed to helping you resolve your conflicts, especially if there are children involved. If you and your spouse are heading toward divorce, please do not wait any longer. Couples counseling that couples can rely on in Bethesda MD may be just the solution you are looking for.  

What can we expect to work through during couples counseling?

Even though you and your spouse are already considering a divorce, you may be surprised to find out you still carry a heavy emotional weight with you and that there are many feelings you must both work through. While you might both be settled on getting a divorce, during couples counseling in Bethesda MD you can expect to work through both good and bad memories during our session. Further, spouses who are considering divorce can expect to experience a range of emotions during our sessions including: 

  •     Guilt
  •     Remorse
  •     Anxiety
  •     Sadness, and
  •     Relief

When we deal with these emotions head-on, it can make communication between you and your spouse much stronger, even if you both still resolve to divorce. When you can effectively communicate with one another throughout the divorce process, it can make it easier to determine who gets what assets, the best living situation for your child, and even how to co-parent in a respectful way. Remember, couples counseling from a Bethesda MD provider doesn’t have to make you feel guilty or shameful. Instead, it can help you and your spouse to have a respectful relationship even after the divorce is finalized.

Can a couples counselor help us explain divorce to our children?

Absolutely. One of the most important things that will change during a divorce is the relationship that each parent has with their children. The dynamics will shift because you will no longer be parenting together in the same way. However, this does not have to mean the relationship changes for the worse. Instead, Bethesda MD couples counseling can walk you through the appropriate ways to explain divorce to children depending on their ages, prepare you for ways that they may react to the news, and even present you with possible coping mechanisms your children may find useful.

In addition to your children, our couples counselor can provide you with coping mechanisms so that you can step into this new phase of life and be prepared for what may come your way. Going through a divorce does not have to mean a piece of your life was a misstep. Instead, we can turn it into a learning experience and find new ways to manage your time and emotions.

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