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At Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, our therapists for brca couples therapy understands that finding out your partner has the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation can be difficult to absorb. Partners may feel stressed, confused, and unsure about what this means for their romantic future. There isn’t a right or wrong way to respond per say, but we do suggest coming in for couples therapy if you are worried it will have an impact on your relationship. Couples where one partner has a BRCA mutation, can benefit from having a safe space to talk about their thoughts. 

When the News is Delivered

Upon receiving news about the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutation, both partners may be overwhelmed, frustrated, and devastated. While having a BRCA gene mutation doesn’t automatically result in an immediate cancer diagnosis, just the news itself can be enough to shake the core of a relationship. The partner diagnosed may feel guilt and shame, even though there was nothing they could do to prevent it since it is an inherited mutation.

During a brca couples therapy session, our therapists can help couples talk through important topics like family planning, medical decisions, communication problems, intimacy blockages, and financial impacts. When the news is delivered, you can trust that our therapists can offer compassionate support. 

Implications of Testing Positive

There are many ways that a couple’s relationship can be impacted if one partner tests positive for a BRCA mutation. Some couples may start to struggle with being intimate together, particularly if resentments have built-up since the diagnosis. Others may find it almost impossible to overcome their emotions after receiving the news, and aren’t sure how to work through it. 

If a woman chooses to have a mastectomy or oophorectomy, she can become insecure with her body image. Due to this change, complications with sexuality, sex, intimacy, and confidence can arise. A therapist for couples therapy brca has worked with couples in similar situations, and understands how delicate of a matter this can be for both partners. Additionally, if the woman hasn’t had children yet but wishes to, then she and her partner have to talk about how this may affect pregnancy, health, and risks for the children. 

Compassionate Therapy

Here at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, during couples therapy for brca mutation, we focus on providing compassionate therapy for couples going through this dilemma together. Not all therapists understand the sensitive and complex nature of such a discussion. We have worked with individuals and couples about how to manage their risk in regards to their relationships. One of the most effective ways that couples can heal is through communication. Genetic testing results can cause emotions to run very high, so having a safe place to examine your feelings with help from a therapist can get you on the way towards coping, healing, and acceptance.

If you are having trouble coping with a recent genetic test result, just know there are kind professionals who can help. Couples who would like to speak with a therapist about brca couples therapy for BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutations, can contact Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today to book an appointment.