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Is Therapy Considered Medical Treatment?

When a person feels sick, a trip to the doctor is in order. But what about when a person’s emotional or mental state is not well? Can a trip to the doctor yield results? Mental health disorders benefit from diagnosis and treatment. Mental illness or disorders can be inherent in a person or episodic. It is imperative for anyone experiencing symptoms to get help from a medical doctor.

What Are Common Mental Disorders?

Some people may be born with a mental illness that requires treatment from a young age. Other disorders onset later in life and might be treated as needed. The first step in living a fulfilling life is diagnosis. Some of the most common mental illnesses include:

  • Dementia
  • Anxiety and related disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Psychotic disorders

What Are the Symptoms of Mental Illness?

It is challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of mental illness, especially in someone who has no family history or genetic abnormalities. It becomes critical for people to know what some of the most common signs and symptoms may be to seek help for themselves and their loved ones. There is no one-size-fits-all symptom; however, there are some that may signal an underlying mental issue. Extreme emotional highs and lows categorize mood disorders. While some people remain in a low or depressed state, others may swing into a heightened state of activity. Suicidal or homicidal thoughts that persist are associated with many mental disorders, as are extreme exhaustion and generalized lack of interest in life.

What Are Treatment Options?

Treatment varies depending on the doctor’s diagnosis, the symptoms experienced and the interruption the disorder proves to be in the patient’s life. Some people manage mild mental conditions with a change in diet and activity level. However, many more require medication, even temporarily. Psychotherapy is recommended for most mental health issues. This is more commonly known as talk therapy and involves counseling sessions to arm the patient with tools and exercises to help them through their difficult moments.

Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy?

If a patient has health insurance, there may be some questions about what it covers when it comes to treatment options for mental disorders. With the recent emphasis on mental health as self-care, most insurers will cover talk therapy. There may be a limited number of free sessions or visits with a co-pay. Insurance companies consider psychotherapy an effective treatment in the same way they cover prescription medications.

When considering options for treating mental health disorders, therapy should be at the top of the list. Take the first step and contact our therapists in Bethesda MD at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates.