Family Counseling Bethesda, MD

Family Counseling Bethesda, MDIf you are getting ready to attend family counseling in Bethesda, MD at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates, there are certain steps you can take to help get ready for the experience. It is not uncommon for people to feel nervous or uncomfortable about the idea of attending family therapy. However, with a little preparation on your part and insight into what the session will be like, it can help alleviate feelings of apprehension.

The purpose of a therapist is not to take sides. Instead, they must be an unbiased facilitator of conversation. What the counselor will do is help foster healthy communication between family members, heal past pains, and hold space for a safe environment where people can talk about their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Every family is going to be different because the individuals within them are all unique. A qualified therapist is someone who can open a space for family to have discussions that maybe they would not have felt comfortable doing otherwise. Therapists can offer gentle guidance on how families can deal with difficult situations. Topics that may be discussed during a Bethesda, Maryland family counseling session include:

  • Anger and resentment
  • Financial distress
  • Grieving loss
  • Step families 
  • Multiracial families
  • Identify behavior patterns
  • Creating a better home environment
  • Boundaries and communication
  • And much more

A family therapist can uncover deeply-rooted pain and tension within a family, and find ways to heal hurt that has interfered with feelings of closeness and openness. There may be unhealthy habits and compensated behaviors, especially if addiction or abuse has happened. Many people feel misunderstood by their family members, and may not know how to approach loved ones with their hurts and concerns. During the therapy session, it is important that every member of the family feels like they are being heard and has a chance to express what is on their heart and mind.

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At our therapy office, we prioritize the comfort of our patients and their families. We understand the limitless nuances that can affect family dynamics. If you are thinking about booking a Bethesda, MD family counseling session, don’t hesitate to reach out to Lindsey Hoskins & Associates today for compassionate services.