When it comes to divorce, arguing between former spouses is expected, but can be avoided if a divorce lawyer is present. Something about having a new person present can keep divorcing couples kinder to each other. Something to keep in mind when you considering hiring a divorce attorney is that laws vary by state, your ex spouse will most likely hire their own divorce attorney, assets must be divided and you may need guidance, divorces are known to get messy, and your children’s best interests may be compromised if you do not hire a divorce attorney. Every day, over 2,300 couples file for divorce in the United States. That’s about one couple every 34 seconds! Legal matters that represent families are always guided by state laws and these differ depending on which state you are in. Because of this, working with a divorce attorney is always beneficial because they know exactly which laws pertain to your state and situation as a whole.

You could be on good terms with your soon to be ex right now, however that can quickly change if they petition to have full custody of your children, or if they claim an asset that is yours. Having a divorce attorney present will help prevent further bickering, and in the event that your former spouse hires an attorney and you do not, you will most likely receive an unfair deal. You may trust your ex not to do you wrong, but their lawyer does not have the same obligation to you that your ex has to you. When you make the decision to file for divorce, both you and your spouse will have to discuss a custody agreement where you will divide both of your assets, your mutual assets, and your children’s lives. You will work out health coverage, your wills, any existing retirement plans, your accounts and debts, and things like what religion your children will practice, where they will go to school, and custody. You most likely will not have a clear mind and good judgement to make these decisions regarding the future, so a divorce attorney can help you strategize and anticipate the future.

Divorce can be overwhelming to say the least. Because you are emotionally and financially invested in the outcome, you cannot be objective in it. Many individuals try to involve their children in the divorce, speaking with them about their other parent in a negative light. This is not the way to go about this, and having a divorce attorney such as the divorce attorney Phoenix AZ locals trust will also provide you with someone to talk to through the process that understands your position and what you are going through. Custody agreements are especially difficult to work out in divorce cases, because both parents usually want their kids every day. Your divorce attorney can give you advice on practical situations, like you get your child only three days a week but on every holiday. You should consult with a divorce attorney today, because state laws are constantly changing and under revision. By making this decision, you can ensure that you will make informed decisions about your divorce that you will not regret down the line.

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