3 Myths about Emotions – Therapist Bethesda MD

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I don’t have emotions

We all have emotions! As the recent film Inside Out pointed out, it’s important for us to acknowledge our emotions, even the uncomfortable ones. Our emotions impact our thoughts and behaviors, and in fact, drive much of what we do. Think of a time when you’ve felt angry, afraid, or happy and how these emotions impact the way we think and act.

Emotions are a sign of weakness

Being in touch with our emotions and having high emotional intelligence is actually a strength. Having awareness of our emotions makes us more in control of our interactions with others. Emotional intelligence can also help us harness emotions to solve problems.

I shouldn’t burden others with my emotions

Though you may feel this way, expressing emotional vulnerability to your partner can actually be a way to bring you much closer together. Being in touch with our emotions and able to share them leads to greater understanding of the problem, and allows us to begin to solve it.  If it seems difficult to express emotions to your partner, a couples therapist can help you to begin the process.

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