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Couples Counseling Kensington MD

Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers marriage counseling Kensington MD couples can benefit from. If you and your spouse or partner are considering marriage counseling, call us today to find out more.

Any relationship can have its ups and downs. However, couples who engage in marriage counseling in Kensington MD may be able to work through their issues. This in turn can strengthen a marriage and possibly allow them to avoid divorce.

Divorce, as an end result, can cause emotional and financial hardship not just for the couple but for the children as well. But does marriage counseling work? Let’s explore this question. For further discussion beyond this article, we welcome you and your partner to make an appointment with us for Kensington MD marriage counseling.

Is Marriage Counseling Effective?

Marriage counseling does not always heal the relationship enough to prevent divorce. However, even in scenarios where the marriage is too damaged to repair, marriage counseling can help ease the transition to a new chapter in each spouse’s life. It can also help prepare the couple for life after divorce, particularly if children are involved.

Some couples go to marriage counseling at the beginning of their committed relationship in order to learn tools for healthy communication. This proactive approach can greatly reduce the probability of developing serious issues as the marriage grows older.

For marriage counseling to be effective enough that divorce can be avoided, several things must occur.

  1. Both spouses must be willing to make changes in their life on any number of levels.
  2. Both spouses must be willing to respond to the clinician’s suggestions on how to work through issues and problem solve.
  3. Both spouses must be open to saving the marriage rather than automatically pursue a divorce.

The Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Not only can marriage counseling save a committed relationship, it can offer additional benefits. This can come as a surprise to many people. When it comes to marriage counseling Kensington MD community members have experienced many success stories. Some of them include:

  1. Improved physical health and the ability to focus on their job and other tasks.Because a troubled marriage can cause a high level of stress and anxiety, troubles at home often spill into other areas of our life. Medical studies have shown that stress can negatively affect our health. By dealing with the cause of our stress and anxiety, we can alleviate the symptoms. Marriage counseling can help a couple in many areas of their life.
  2. Marriage counseling can be more effective and over a shorter period of time as compared to individual counseling. In addition, fewer counseling sessions can result in a cost savings. For some, if their spouse is not willing to engage in marriage counseling, individual counseling can be beneficial. While it may not address all the issues in the marriage, it can allow the spouse who is in therapy to work on their own issues. It can also help the marriage if they are open to sharing what is learned in individual therapy. In addition to marriage counseling Kensington MD residents have found that individual counseling instead of, or in conjunction with, can be of tremendous help.
  3. Licensed family and marriage therapists usually charge less than psychologists and psychiatrists. Because finances can add stress to the marriage, not being able to afford therapy can be a Catch-22 situation. Call us at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates to discuss options that can make it possible to explore marriage counseling Kensington MD married couples have used to get them back on track.

Call Lindsey Hoskins & Associates at 240-752-7650 to request an appointment with one of our clinicians. Discover the benefits of marriage counseling Kensington MD young and mature adults have used to improve their lives.

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