Xiaofang (Bethanie) Wang Lanterman, PhD, M.A., M.S., LGMFT:: Associate Therapist

Clinical Degree:  University of Maryland at College Park, Couple and Family Therapy

Prepare/Enrich Certified:  Yes

Office Location: Bethesda; Virtual services for clients located in the state of Maryland

Available:  Tuesday & Wednesday: daytime and evening; Thursday: Afternoon and evening

Fees:   $150/50-minute session; $225/90-minute session; $1050 for Prepare/Enrich Package

Clinical Special Interests: Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management, Child Development, Sexual Trauma, Parent/Child relationships, Parenting, Communication Issues, Family of Origin Issues, Dating and Relationship Development, Sex & Intimacy, Play Therapy and Sand Tray, Life Transitions & Adjustment, Interracial Couple Relationship, Cross-Cultural and International Adaptation.

Contact: You can reach Bethanie via email at  bethanie@lindseyhoskins.com; or via phone at 240-752-7650

My Philosophy

As a Licensed Graduate Marriage and Family Therapist, I believe it is more effective to address individual, couple, and family issues from a systemic lens. It takes courage and great strength to seek help for lasting and rewarding personal growth and for stronger and more fulfilling couple and family relationships. I believe it is important to have the best interest of my clients in my heart, to have sympathy, compassion and care for all my clients, and to build safe, warm, trustworthy, and collaborative therapeutic relationships. I am committed to applying evidence-based and culturally-competent therapeutic concepts and skills to address clients’ specific needs and to build upon client’s strength for change. 

Clinical and Other Professional Experience

I have worked with individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds at the University of Maryland’s Center for Healthy Families. As an individual therapist, I enjoy supporting clients as they address issues such as depression, anxiety, anger management, stress management, identity formation, trauma, life transitions, and cross-cultural adaptation. 

As a family therapist, my strengths include working families with children and teenagers, as well as immigrant and multi-cultural families. Issues addressed may include family communication, identifying and utilizing appropriate boundaries in parent-child relationships, children’s mental health (e.g., depression, anxiety, panic attacks) and behavioral concerns, parenting, child development, and international education.  

As a couple therapist, I work with couples in addressing issues such as breakdown in communication, parenting disagreements, sex and intimacy, loss of passion, and many others. I am particularly interested in working with interracial/cross-cultural couples. I also work with dating and engaged couples who wish to figure out ways to strengthen their relationships, or are deciding about whether to stay together and solidify their commitment. 

I enjoy working with clients of all different faith and spirituality backgrounds as they seek to understand how their beliefs fit into their life experiences. I am a Christian, if you are looking specifically for a counselor who understands the Christian faith, please indicate that.

I tend to be eclectic in my theoretical orientation. I have utilized approaches such as CBT, Bowen, DBT, structural family therapy, solution-focused therapy, play therapy (e.g., Sand Tray), Gottman, EFT, and experiential family therapy.

I’ve taught classes at undergraduate levels in the Department of Family Science at the University of Maryland as a Teaching Assistant, in the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Maryland as an Adjunct Lecturer, and at the University of Maryland Global Campus as an Adjunct Associate Professor. In addition, my pre-clinical experience as a researcher, Program Evaluator, and Teaching and Technical Assistance provider for nine years for the U.S. federal and state governments helped me gain experience working with diverse populations including young parents, Native Americans, couples, refugees, and veterans. I am a Pre-Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT).

About Me: 

My strength as a therapist is in connecting with clients from diverse racial and cultural background by being curious, open-minded, warm and kind, in helping clients to gain insights, and in providing clients with knowledge and tools they may need for positive change. As an international student from China and an immigrant myself, I connect well with clients with international backgrounds. I can speak both English and Chinese (Mandarin) fluently. I have been married for 8 years as an interracial/intercultural couple. When not working I enjoy walking in nature and taking pictures, travelling, hiking with my husband, reading, listening to music, hosting parties for internationals with my husband, watching movies, and spending time with my friends.

Phone: MD: 240-752-7650
4905 Del Ray Avenue, Suite 301
Bethesda, MD 20814