In couple (or marriage) and family therapy — which is often called CFT or MFT — the unit of treatment extends beyond the individual, even if he or she is seeking therapy alone.

What does that mean? Couple and family therapy focuses on the set of relationships in which a person has developed (their family or origin) and is currently embedded (their current family and/or couple unit). That focus makes the kind of therapy Lindsey Hoskins & Associates offers different from psychology, social work, or psychiatry because as licensed couple and family therapists, we’re trained to address the full spectrum of individual, couple, and family issues; and passionate about helping our clients find solutions to their problems in the relational contexts in which they exist.

However, if an individual within the treatment unit has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, concurrent treatment with a psychiatrist may be necessary. In that case, we would communicate with an additional health provider to provide you with competent, collaborative care.