Couples Therapy BRCA Couples Therapy BRCA

As a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates may tell you, couples therapy BRCA can be quite different compared to individual therapy. When one person attends therapy, the focus is on you, what you need, and how you can improve as a person. With couples therapy, the focus turns to about you and your partner as one entity. Couples therapy can help partners learn more about themselves, each other, and what they can do to strengthen their relationship. Attending couples therapy doesn’t mean you have failed as a couple. It means that you are both willing to work through a difficult time instead of throwing in the towel. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before attending your first couples therapy BRCA session with a therapist: 

It Isn’t Up to the Therapist to Save Your Relationship

By meeting with a therapist, this doesn’t mean that your relationship will automatically be saved. In fact, in order for BRCA couples therapy in Maryland to be successful, both partners have to want to work hard on their end too. A therapist’s role is to help guide you to a better place in your relationship, but they can’t put in the elbow grease for you.

Remember that you can’t control your partner during this time either. While issues of your relationship are surely to be discussed, it isn’t a blame game. You may be surprised to find that each of you have to do some internal work on yourselves, versus just focusing on what your partner has done wrong. 

It Can’t Work If You Both Aren’t Invested

One partner cannot keep the relationship together. As a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates has seen before, one partner may be resistant to trying couples therapy. While this is certainly natural, emotional and time investment is required from each partner for therapy to work. At the very minimum, both of you have to want to relationship to continue functioning. Some relationships can be preserved, while others can’t. How much the couple gets out of therapy sessions is directly related to how much they put into it with an open and honest mindset. 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Get Support 

Waiting too long to address issues in your relationship that have been festering may ultimately lead to its demise. Negative feelings that remain dormant are likely to eventually explode at one point or another. And by then, the damage may have already been done. This is why it is important to seek BRCA couples therapy in Bethesda, MD once issues have begun to arise. If you and your partner try therapy sooner, you are taking proactive steps to prevent your relationship from reaching the brink of breakup. 

If you and your partner are ready to try couples therapy, then we encourage you to talk with us and ask any questions you have. We are happy to alleviate your concerns and tell you about what a therapy session will be like. For more details about Bethesda couples therapy BRCA in MD, you can contact a therapist at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates at your earliest convenience.