What to Expect from Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling McLean VAWhen considering couples counseling McLean VA community members turn to Lindsey Hoskins & Associates. Our therapists offer a variety of counseling options. Call us to find out more about the therapy solutions we offer.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about couples counseling in McLean VA. However, you may have additional questions or concerns. If that’s the case, one of our McLean VA couples counseling therapists can talk to you further.

How does couples counseling work?

The experience of couples therapy is somewhat different for everyone. This is because not every couple’s needs are the same. Goals may be different as well. Before entering into therapy, it can be beneficial for you and your partner to identify what you’d like to focus on. In addition to couples counseling McLean VA clients sometimes participate in individual counseling as well.

What will we discuss in couples counseling?

This depends entirely on you and your partner; however, we’ve found that certain processes are more successful than others. Sessions are productive when we focus on issues that are preventing growth and positive interaction. It can be more beneficial to discuss the underlying reasons for arguments rather than the arguments themselves. For the healthiest outcome possible, both partners should be willing participants in counseling and have open minds to changing things about themselves. When seeking couples counseling McLean VA residents are welcome to talk to a counselor who specializes in a particular area.

What role does the couples counselor play?

In many cases, the counselor does not play a passive role; she or he is an active participant in the session. As a professional who is removed from the emotional dynamics in the couple’s relationship, the counselor can provide a balanced and grounded perspective. Without taking sides, the couples counselor can guide clients in a direction that benefits the relationship. The counselor may also provide an objective approach and allow each partner to express their feelings, thoughts, frustrations, and needs. Healthy communication is key to a successful and happy relationship. Because communication issues are often what brings clients to therapy in the first place, a counselor may help establish a solid foundation of mutual trust. From there, the counselor can provide tools for the couple to use in ways that allow them to work through their issues.

Does couples counseling work for everyone?

Undergoing couples counseling does not guarantee that the relationship will survive. However, even if the partners decide to separate, it may provide a healthy path for them to do so. For others, couples counseling is a way to reconnect with one another. By addressing the challenges of a relationship, it can be possible to fall in love all over again — even if they never fell out of love in the first place. Though it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, couples counseling McLean VA provides can have a tremendously positive impact.

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