Lindsey Hopkins & Associates offers marriage counseling Northern VA couples have relied on for years to help them meet their relationship goals. There are many reasons why couples turn to therapy. Here are seven of the most common reasons why spouses consider marriage counseling Northern VA provides:

Seven Reasons Why Couples Seek Marriage Counseling

  1. To improve communication. When communication is poor, negative, or non-existent between couples, it can have devastating consequences for the relationship. During marriage counseling, Northern VA couples learn:
  2. To gain awareness of how tone affects meaning and interpretation.
  3. To learn how to avoid negative communication that makes the other person feel insecure, depressed, attacked, or unloved.
  4. To recognize the warning signs before poor communication dissolves into emotional or physical abuse.
  5. Infidelity recovery. If one or both spouses has had an affair, it can be especially challenging for the relationship to recover. Northern VA marriage counseling can help the partners clarify their level of commitment to the marriage. A Lindsey Hopkins & Associates clinician may help them come to terms with what must be done to save the marriage if that is what both individuals choose to do.
  6. Stalled marriage. It’s not uncommon for married couples to feel more like roommates than spouses. A lack of intimacy can signal that it’s time to check in with a counselor to see what issues need to be addressed, or if it’s time to move on and separate. Our clinicians at Lindsey Hopkins & Associates provide sex and intimacy marriage counseling Northern VA couples can benefit from.
  7. Bumps in the road. Sometimes a married couple may be at a loss on how to deal with issues or differences between them. They may have come to a mutually disagreeable crossroads and need a skilled clinician to help them navigate past these challenges. There may not be anger or hostility, but it may be evident that what’s needed is a level of marriage counseling Northern VA therapists can offer.
  8. Separation seems to be the only option. When couples fight and separate temporarily as a result, it can reinforce the idea that separation is the best solution. From there, the idea of permanent separation is but one more step. Rather than walk away from the marriage, it may be beneficial to try working out the reasons why the separation occurs in the first place. That in turn can create the healing necessary for a healthy relationship. It can also help couples remember why they fell in love with the other person in the first place.
  9. When only the children are keeping the marriage alive. Sometimes, a marriage loses its importance and the parents feel they are only staying together for “the benefit of the children.” This many not be of benefit to the children at all, depending on the circumstances. Marriage counseling may be able to resolve the core issues at the heart of the relationship. It also may clarify that it’s to everyone’s benefit, including the children’s, to separate.
There are many reasons why a couple may find therapy helpful. Call Lindsey Hopkins & Associates today to make an appointment for marriage counseling Northern VA provides.


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